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And So It Begins…

October 20, 2014

Alright, faithful listeners, the time has come! The EC Radio season has finally begun!

Thanks so much for bearing with us.

We will start broadcasting our shows this Wednesday, October 22nd. The schedule has been updated to the latest show listings and times (no, really, go see for yourself!). You can view the schedule by clicking the – well -“Schedule” tab on the top of this website. The first show of the day will be at 5pm, hosted by Miranda McLean!

We’re extremely excited to kick off this lineup of shows, and you’ll certainly be hearing from us very soon.

All the best,

The EC Radio Team

We’re Back!

October 6, 2014

At last.

It’s been a long wait for fans of EC Radio, but alas, we have finally returned and are better than ever. We’re having our first General Members meeting on Wednesday October 8th in Emmanuel’s Admin building, room 432 at 8:00 pm. There, we’ll be accepting submissions for show slots as well as any positions for help that people can possibly give. We have our executive board, but we still need a good amount of help with getting this up and running as efficiently as it used to be. So, we are calling all music lovers, far and wide. Come to EC Radio if you love spreading the joys of music, if you love entertainment and capturing audiences’ attention, and especially if you love the idea of a student-run, fully functional radio station that is broadcasted to the world. We’re waiting for YOUR voice. YOUR voice can be spread globally, can be listened to anywhere. I only ask one thing: How is that not the coolest thing ever?

I short, we would love to see you there.


The EC Radio team

We’re Going to Miss You, Too!

March 5, 2013

Hello, faithful listeners.  In case you didn’t know, next week is spring break here at Emmanuel College, so regular broadcasting will be temporarily suspended from March 9 until March 18.  If you start to miss our mix of intoxicating indie sound, you have our permission to listen in to other, worthy college stations in the meantime.  Don’t stray too long, though.  We want you back!

Here are two of our local and very much appreciated fellow collegiate broadcasters:  MIT’s awesome WMBR, 88.1 on the dial or or our other favorite, WBZC, 90.3 on the dial or

But remember, we’re here until Friday!  Listen in for Brittany Williams today at 3 and Ice of Boston at 7pm!  (Take a look at their FaceBook page:

We’d like to thank…

March 2, 2013

EXCITING NEWS, ECRadio fans!  The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System has named Emmanuel College Radio the winner of three national awards:

Mystery Radio Theater won the radio drama award!  Congratulations to Scott Gagnon, director, and Joe Horgan, producer!

Saturdays@7 won the live music program award.  Congratulations to Colby Rich, dj and ECRadio Vice President.

And–wait for it!!!–this very blog won the IBS award for best, um, blog!

Show us some love this week and tune in to support all of our hard work to provide you with AURAL EUPHORIA!!!

Sing it, Liza!

Mystery Radio Theater: Live from Hyannis, MA

February 19, 2013

kennedy-center-american-college-theatre-festival-logo1This February, EC Radio and the Emmanuel College Performing Arts Department’s production of Mystery Radio Theater was one of six college theater productions selected from the Northeast region to perform at the Kennedy Center’s American College Theater Festival in Hyannis, Massachusetts! Though we were able to broadcast live over EC Radio right from the festival, we knew that not everyone would be able to listen in that Saturday afternoon to the performance. Now you can relive the excitement in this mp3 download! For the festival, we chose to remake the first episode of our season 1 with Journey to the Center of the Earth. Enjoy!


Mystery Radio Theater Episode 6: The First Men in the Moon

February 19, 2013

8230730585_0750edee2b_zRelive the final episode of Mystery Radio Theater’s great run here on EC Radio! For the final week of the 2012 season, the MRT cast and crew take you to the moon and back in their adaptation of HG Welles’ classic 1901 novel. The Emmanuel College Theater Department and EC Radio would like to thank everyone who supported Mystery Radio Theater this year and made it such a success, and we hope you enjoy these recordings!


Mystery Radio Theater Episode 5: Journey to the Center of the Earth!

February 19, 2013

8231791698_63d6334e2d_zAt long last, Emmanuel College Radio is pleased to announce the availability of the rest of Mystery Radio Theater’s season 1! Though EC Radio and the Emmanuel College Theater Department have wrapped up this popular and exciting series for the year, we are excited that you will be able to revisit your favorite episodes via mp3 download. Journey back to the center of the earth with Captain Universe, Robot, and the rest of the MRT Crew and make sure to share it with your friends!



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