The Popular Technology Trend of Selfies

Why are selfies so popular? The selfie concept is simple: take a picture of yourself and share it with others online via social media.  There are studies conducted about selfies including who takes the most.  It looks like young adults between 18 and 34 are the most active, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to know this is also a popular activity for teens.

You can take a selfie by yourself or with family or friends.  The most common place to take a selfie is in the bathroom or in front of a mirror.  When people travel or they find themselves having fun in a certain environment, this may also influence selfies.  Many are close shots of the face while others include different body poses that may include the entire body from head to toe.

Why Are They Shared on Social Media?

Social media is an easy platform to use the makes it easy for people to stay in touch with others.  When you add selfies to the mix it can make things more interesting.  Sometimes selfies are shared to let others know what they are doing or how things have been for them.  There are so many relationships that are affected by selfies such as girlfriends, boyfriends, work, school, and so on.  Social media makes it easy to share pictures regularly and people are taking advantage of the option.

Reasons Why People Take Selfies

There are various reasons why people take selfies.  Selfies help draw attention to the person who took it, especially if they have a big ego. Some people actually want attention from cell phone spy free trial online via social media. Yet, some don’t realize it may not be the attention they want when something goes viral and it doesn’t have a positive result.  There are people who take selfies to boost their self-esteem. Young people such as teens may do this with a positive or negative result.  Others do it simply to show off something they got or have. Again, this can be for good or bad.  Many share positive outcomes such as weight loss or other achievement.

Getting the attention of a certain someone is another reason why selfies are shared.  It can be a form of flirting or when they want to get attention from a specific person. Uploading selfies is something people do when they are bored out of their minds.  Many know this aspect when the selfie includes the person doing something silly or sharing too much information such as making silly faces or while they are doing something in private such as being on the toilet.

Front-Face Cameras Do Wonders

One reason why the action of selfies has exploded is due to front-facing cameras.  Since more people use their cell phones to take pics accessories such as the selfie stick have helped in taking selfies.  You can take selfies from different angles and be just about anywhere you want when you take it.  Aside from front-facing cameras there are other tools such as social media apps.

Apps Make It Easy to Share

Popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have ways of sharing selfies while making the experience fun and interesting.  Some of these tools let you change the look of the selfie or makes it easy to include it in messages.  Such apps make it easy to share selfies quickly.  For many who use social media, their experience is often based on sharing pictures including selfies with people they know while recording their life experiences. Selfies, for the most part, is considered harmless fun among good friends.